Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the Southeast’s oldest herbal studies school.

What makes Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism different from other herbal studies schools? We’re glad you asked!

ASHH has been offering lauded herbal education for almost a quarter of a century with the finest teachers in the region.

Our exceptional faculty offer students a wealth of personal experience to draw and learn from. Having many instructors offers students different perspectives to challenge them to reach their own deep understanding of subjects. Students benefit from having an expert in each field of study rather than one lead teacher teaching all topics regardless of their specific passion.

Where will I learn?

We offer a traditional format, but we emphasize Nature as our classroom. Located in the Eastern Blue Ridge Mountains, the oldest mountains in the world, ASHH offers students the greatest variety of native and exotic medicinal plants in the country. This makes the area ideal for communing with the plants in their natural habitat as well as gaining the multitude of other health benefits that access to Nature provides. Frequent field trips introduce students to the extensive National Forest and wilderness areas surrounding Asheville and the splendor of the Appalachians. Self-renewal is important for anyone studying the healing arts. Communication with nature teaches rest, rejuvenation and moving with the rhythms of life. Some of our classes take place at waterfalls, on mountaintops or in the woods. Being out of doors promotes a special bonding in each group.

Dual Locations: With our campus in west Asheville and another in nearby Sandy Mush, we are able to provide the best of two worlds. The Center for Vital Living, where our weeknight classes are held, houses our library and herbal store, is close to downtown and makes attending classes after a busy day very easy. Soulflower Botanical Sanctuary, where we often hold weekend classes and our Earth Sprouts camp, is a short drive from Asheville yet feels worlds away.

What types of classes do you offer? Can I earn certification to become a community herbalist?

We offer a blend of short workshops and longer certification courses. Yes, you can progress through fundamental to advanced clinical training to earn hours and certification as a community herbalist. Find out more by visiting our Classes section. You can even apply online!

How large are your classes?

A low faculty /student ratio assures each student personalized attention. This allows for an intensive learning experience most like an apprenticeship. The learning process emphasizes direst experience, intuition, practical skills, technical knowledge and self-transformation. The class environment encourages students to connect with each other in a positive, mutually supportive way. Inner focus through meditation, breath work, movement and other practices, promotes ones evolution. Knowing how to stay heart centered and grounded provides a stable base to help others call forth sacred unity from them selves.

Are there payment plans available? Do you offer scholarships?

At this time, we do not offer scholarships or tuition loans. However, many of our courses and workshops are priced affordably as possible, or offer a payment plan.

What is your approach to wildcrafting and harvesting herbs?

The Appalachian forest, with its wealth of native and exotic medicinal plants, is the most biodiverse region in the country. We ethically wildcraft herbs found in abundance for our preparations; reseeding is part of this practice. When necessary, we use high quality organic herbs and oils, purchased from sustainable herb companies, for use in our labs.

Can I apply online? What if I have other questions?

We encourage all prospective students and community members to stop by our school in West Asheville and take a tour. We are happy to answer questions by phone. You can fill out your application online using our secure payment system to submit your application fee. You can also choose to apply in person. We look forward to having you study with us!