Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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Soulflower Botanical Sanctuary

182089_147192505341376_6388768_nLocated outside of Asheville through an idyllic 30-minute drive, Soulflower Botanical Sanctuary is the active site for many of our weekend classes, as well as our Earth Sprouts Herbal Day Camp for Kids.

Students are involved in planting, caring for, and monitoring the growth of important at-risk native botanicals such as ginseng and goldenseal. Assisting with plant rescues and cultivating species, Soulflower Sanctuary is primarily a nature preserve, as well as an interactive educational center and a respite for both plants and people.

Soulflower is recognized by United Plant Savers, an organization whose mission is to “protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.”

184640_147192022008091_7137239_nCurrently serving as a private residence for ASHH faculty, we maintain Soulflower as a local model of daily sustainability: cultivating organic gardens, managing solar power, enjoying gravity-fed spring water, and hosting our classes in an exquisitely handcrafted cabin built with native woods harvested on-site. At ASHH, we believe that the way we live our personal lives greatly impacts our community and environment. Our faculty strive to make daily lifestyle decisions that are in harmony with the values we teach.

Soulflower Botanical Sanctuary at a Glance

Acres: 31

Plant Families: 65

Genera: 150

DSCN2869-150x150View a complete Soulflower Plant Inventory at the Sanctuary.

Please note that Soulflower Sanctuary is a full-time private residence, where students and visitors are welcome by scheduled class or invitation ONLY. We kindly ask that you do not visit Soulflower outside of specified class times, or drop by unannounced. Thank you!

About Sandy Mush, North Carolina

Sandy Mush is a pristine community consisting largely of farmers and beekeepers. It is also home to the Sandy Mush Herb Nursery, a family-owned and operated 20 year-old herb farm, boasting one of the widest selection of medicinal herbs in the country. We encourage you to visit their nursery during their hours of operation while you are in the area.