Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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We offer a variety of both widely popular and locally unique herbal healing products as well as jewelry, books, and more for body and soul.

Three ways to shop:

1. Call 828-350-1221 or email to place your order.

2. Stop by in person Monday -Friday 12-6pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm

3. Order online with ease and security!

We can ship your items, or hold them for you to pick up at our accessible West Asheville location.

Be sure to check out our Apothecary, too,for a full shop of dried herbs, teas, and custom blends.


AVMNote: Many of our students purchase books that complement the courses they are enrolled in. As a result, we try to keep books in stock as often as possible, but they can sell out quickly. Be sure to place your order ahead of time in case we are temporarily out to allow time for delivery!


What It’s Like in the Stars $13.00

Anchor Books

The Foxfire Book (1) $19.95
The Foxfire Book (2) $19.95
The Foxfire Book (3) $19.95
The Foxfire Book (4) $19.95
The Foxfire Book (5) $19.95
The Foxfire Book (6) $19.95


The Prescription for Natural Healing $12.95


Journal (Flowered Print) $20.00

Bright Mountain Books

Vegetarian Medicines $9.00

Bryan Edwards Publishing

Bones Flash Cards $21.00
Bryan Edwards Publishing ones Flash Cards $21.00

Chelsea Green

The Basics of Permaculture Design $25.00
The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm $34.95
Crop Rotation and Cover Cropping $12.95
The Flower Farmer $35.00
Forest Gardening $25.00
Fresh Food from Small Spaces $24.95
Fruit Berry and Nut Inventory, 4th ed $24.00
Full Moon Feast $25.00
Gaia’s Garden $29.95
Humane and Healthy Poultry Production $12.95
The Lost Language of Plants $19.95
Natural Beekeeping $10.00
Organic Seed Production and Saving $12.95
Seed to Seed $24.95
The Small-Scale Poultry Flock $39.95
Surviving and Thriving on the Land $24.95
Wild Fermentation $25.00

David Crow

In Search of the Medicine Buddha $16.00

Edward Hamilton

Alchemy and Alchemists $9.00
Beautiful Botanicals $28.00
A Brief History of Tea $13.95
Buckland’s Book of Gypsy Magic $16.95
The Everything Guide to Foraging $18.95
David Hoffman’s Medical Herbalism $60.00
Natural Healing Wisdom and Know-How $24.50
The Handy Home Remedies $16.95
Pharmakopeia $19.95
The Practical Handbook of Homeopathy $19.95
Traditional Kitchen Wisdom $24.95
The Weisner Concise Guide to Alchemy $12.95

Green Book

How to Store Your Garden Produce $14.95
The Weeder’s Digest $17.95
Harper Collins Publishers Animal, Vegetable, Miracle $26.95
Holmgren Design Services Permaculture $30.00

Horizon Herbs Press

Making Plant Medicine $19.95
The Medicinal Herb Grower $19.95

Knight Vision Press

Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Eastern United States $14.95

Little, Brown

Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide $19.99

New Society Publishers

Your Green Home $17.95

North Light Books

Beautiful Botanics: Painting and Drawing $28.99


More than a Smoke $21.99

Bloom Post

The Shaman’s Toolbox $14.00

Rodale Garden

Perennial Combinations $29.95

Running Press

A Brief History of Tea $13.95

Sasquatch Books

The Farm to Table Cookbook $29.95

Stellar Books

The Message $13.95


Family Preparedness Handbook $39.95

St. Martin’s Press

Maximizing the Arthritis Cure $22.95


Keeping Livestock Healthy $16.96

Sunrise Lane

Growing Roots $35.00
Essential Oils
Baobob (4 oz) $22.00
Birch (15ml) $19.99
Breathe Blend (15ml) $26.00
Carrot Seed (15ml) $21.00
Cedar (15ml) $12.00
Blue Chamomile (3.75ml) $20.00
Clary Sage (15ml) $30.00
Himalayan Cinnamon (15ml) $13.00
Davana (3.75ml) $24.00
Desert EO Blen (15ml) $34.00
Eucalyptus (15ml) $25.00
Focus EO Blend $25.00
Geranium Zedravetz (3.75ml) $35.00
Ginger (15ml) $18.00
Grapefruit $15.00
Helichrysum Italicum (Hungary) (3.75ml) $45.00
Kapha Blend (15ml) $35.00
Kapur Kachari (15ml) $21.00
Lemon (15ml) $12.00
Tagetes Marigold $16.00
Melissa (3.75ml) $69.00
Muhuhu (15ml) $27.00
Oregano $16.00
Orchard EO Blend $25.00
Parijata Attar (3.75ml) $55.00
Patchouli $25.00
Patchouli (Special Reserve 5-Year) $30.00
India Peppermint $12.00
Clementine Petitgrain $36.00
Pinon Pine (3.75ml) $19.00
Pinon Pine-Juniper (15ml) $40.00
Pitta Blend $35.00
Tea Tree (15ml) $14.00
Thyme $20.00
Vata EO Blend $25.00
Ylang Ylang Complete $24.00
Ylang Ylang Superior $24.00


Nourishing natural soaps from Stella Deer will keep you and your loved ones squeaky clean!

All Stella Deer soaps are $5.00

Australian Pink Clay Soap

Beer Soap

Bumblebee Soap


Moroccan Rosemary and Mint Patchouli

Seaweed Sol

Tea Tree Peppermint

We also offer soaps from handymaker FaFo that are fun and make great gifts!

All FaFo soaps are $4.00. Types vary in the shop. Contact us for more info.

Oils, Salves, Herbal Tinctures and More for Your Body

Banyan Botanicals care line gets you on the path to rejuvenation and long-term wellness.

Aryuvedic Cleanse Kit $74.50
Blood Cleanse $22.00
Organic Chyavanprash $22.00
Everyday Greens $32.00
Immune Support $21.00
Joint Support $22.00
Kidney Formula $21.00
Liver Formula $22.00
Mental Clarity $22.00
Para Cleanse $21.00
Shilajit $25.00
Tranquil Mind $22.00
Women’s Support $22.00

Other Herbal Products to help you feel great inside and out…

ASHH Serenity Syrup (Refrigerated) $10.00
Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit $90.00
Floracopeia Flower of the Sun Oil (4oz) $36.00
Floracopeia Hand Sanitizer (2oz) $10.00
Floracopeia Yarrow Hydrosol $8.00
Savoir Goddess Cleansing Grains (2oz) $15.00
Savoir Sandalwood Massage and Body Oil (2oz) $12.00
Soulflower Comfrey, Plaintain & Calendula Salve $8.00
Soulflower Superior Salve (2oz) $13.00
Tropical Traditions Lavender Deodorant $8.50
Windfox Herbal Parents Peace of Mind Formula (1oz) $15.00
Windfox Herbal Pest Away Spray $15.00

Womyn Folk Herbs Healing Line

Belly Butter (1oz) $8.00
Belly Butter (2oz) $16.00
Black Walnut (1oz) $12.00
Blackberry Rt Syrup (1oz) $12.00
Child Be Well (1oz) $12.00
Child Be Well (2oz) $20.00
Damiana Cordial (1oz) $12.00
Damiana Cordial (2oz) $20.00
Holy Basil (1oz) $12.00
Holy Basil (2oz) $20.00
Intoxicating Massage Blend $16.00
Liver Love (1oz) $12.00
Liver Love (2oz) $20.00
Lung Support (1oz) $12.00
Support (2oz) $20.00
Luscious Love Liqueur $20.00
Pick Me Up Spritzer $10.00
Rosa Rugosa (1oz) $12.00
Rosa Rugosa (2oz) $20.00
Sensuous Love Mist $10.00
Sweet Forest Mist $10.00
Vitex (1oz) $12.00
Warming Muscle Rub $16.00
Yellowroot (1oz) $12.00
Yellowroot (2oz) $20.00

Herbalist and Alchemist Healing Line:


Aspirea Compound (2oz) $24.00
Blueberry Solid Extract (6oz) $30.00
Blueberry Solid Extract (3oz) $17.00
Emotional Relief (2oz) $25.00
Focus Formula (2oz) $25.00
Full Moon (2oz) $26.75
Hawthorn Solid Extract (5.6oz) $30.00
Hawthorn Solid Extract (3oz) $17.00
Pomegranate-Goji Solid Extract (2.8oz) $17.00
Seven Precious Mushrooms (2oz) $24.00
Sinus Support Compound (2oz) $26.25
Tension Relief (2oz) $25.00

Nourishing Items for the Home

Gifts for yourself or for others, for those special occasions. Handcrafted with love and intention

Sounds True — Loving Kindness Meditation CD $18.95
Sounds True — Guided Mindfulness Meditation CD $30.00
Mugmonsters $35.00
Tea Leaf Tins $9.00
Tincture Bags $25.00
Scandicrafts Herb and Tea Ball 2 $4.00
Scandicrafts Woven Tea Strainer $3.00
Moonflower Herbals Smokeless Smudge Spray $6.00
Mountain Rose Herbals MAKE TEA NOT WAR Mug $20.00
Kuan Yin Unltd Gabriel Candle (Large) $17.00
Kuan Yin Unltd Gabriel Candle (Small) $9.00
Feather Earrings $25.00
Necklaces $25.00
Floracopeia Black Copal Resin $26.00
AromaLand Aroma Fan Kit $29.00
Mayan Time Decoder $8.00