Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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Become Your Own Medicine Woman Series

December 2013

Workshop Length: 2 Days


Fridays, September 12, & 19th. 6-8pm

PastedGraphic-5The art and science of feminine heath is essential! In this 2-part series, you’ll learn simple strategies for building and preserving your energy, mental clarity, sexual health, vaginal health, and fertility. Take away knowledge that will benefit you from your reproductive years all the way through menopause!

Encourage your sisters and colleagues to join, too–these classes are so much fun with a friend!

$25 per class or take both classes for $45!


Elixirs for Feminine Vitality
September 12, 2014   6-8pm

Join us for a celebration of the healing power of plants for women’s health and vibrancy. Learn the top herbs for supporting a woman’s desire to feel energized, alive, balanced, compassionate, focused, and healthy. Our vitality is a precious resource! This will be an evening of delicious information and inspiring possibilities for nourishing and building your uniquely feminine vitality.

Part 2:

Vaginal Steams & Sitz Baths
September 19, 6-8pm

One of the most ancient human – plant medicine relationships is women sitting over pots of steaming herbs which carry healing volatile oils to their reproductive organs. There are many reasons to do a steam or sitz bath. We will discuss the most common situations that call for them and how to set one up in your home as well as which herbs to use.

About the Instructor: Christina Bertelli is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and founder of Femme Botanica. She helps women of all ages navigate their uniquely feminine health challenges so they can find grounded and lasting shifts. Through womb awakening work, self care strategies, herbal healing, and nutritional medicine, Christina introduces women to their body’s innate healing potential. Christina offers classes, products, and private sessions specifically for women to strengthen their vitality and creative powers. Her specialties are digestion, vaginal health, womb health and hormonal balance.