Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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What Others Are Saying About Their ASHH Herbal Medicine Education Experience


Find out more about our Herbalist Certification Classes and Workshops.


“This was the most amazing experience of my life! I loved it!”

“I loved all of the great teachers. Everyone was slightly different and awesome in their own way. I learned a lot more than I thought I would.”

“The instructors were excellent.”

“I am so pleased and honored to have taken this course. It changed my way of life!”

“I couldn’t think of any better use for my time. I truly enjoyed this experience. Thank you.”

“A lovely experience, I am using in my personal life and adding to my nursing practice also. Thank you all very much!”

“Ceara makes healing seem like common sense. Her teaching style makes so much sense; it’s like listening to mother’s wisdom. Corinna’s presence is inspiring; she is peaceful and glowing with love. I enjoyed learning from a woman with so much wisdom and experience. I now feel like I know our local flora very well! (Toyia’s) energy is beautiful. I use the recipes (Amanda) gave us all the time! Frank is trustworthy and wise. Having more than one teacher was my favorite part about the school! (My expectations were) exceeded times 1000! The depth of the classes; spiritual, emotional, balanced healing. At ASHH all of the lessons are coated with love & laughter.”

“I can’t say enough good things. Teachers were great, developing relationships with other students was great and material was all good. It was wonderful and life changing.”

“I absolutely loved this experience! It exceeded my expectations! I feel comfortable to practice without fear now. I have learned so much, it’s amazing.”

“I feel like there’s a whole world around me that I just woke up to.”

“It’s the most worthwhile purchase I have ever made with a credit card”

“(I) greatly appreciated the variety of teachers and perspectives”

“The instructors they were all wonderful and a wealth of knowledge!”

“Good knowledge at great value”

“It has greatly furthered my own spiritual growth”

“I’m in love with Herbalism and this school now. I am always talking about it and what I have learned. Even when I did not want to come to class, I always left school feeling so awesome and excited about what I had learned.”

“(Melissa Fryar) great hands on teacher who makes everything delicious. I loved her demonstration and tasting everything.”

“(Joseph is a) very spiritual being that integrates gratitude in his presentations.”

“I felt overall it is an awesome school, with amazing teachers. I was very pleased with it.”

“(Ceara Foley) is just such a wise woman. Always gives off a warm cozy, comforting feeling”

“Ceara is such an inspiration that a life of herbs is possible. Thank you!”

“Cruz is so incredibly intelligent but communicates it in a very accessible way”

“I am so glad I enrolled in ASHH. There’s no place like it. Thank you for creating this school.”- Anna Broderick

“(I enjoyed) the multi-sensory experience of seeing plants, smelling them, eating them and feeling them too…loved visiting the farm and meeting Faye…Thank you! This class has changed my life. I feel empowered to care for my own health and to help my friends and family care for theirs…I really feel fortunate that I had the courage to enroll. “- Stacey Geyer

“The strength of each individual teacher complemented the strengths of the others, so no stone was left unturned. My experience was wonderful at ASHH I truly felt it was worth the money and time…I really needed what the program gave me, which was information about how to take care of myself and others, not only physically but spiritually…thank you Ceara for opening up your home to the class, it definitely added to the experience…I think everyone would benefit from the education given here, even if they don’t think they have any interest in the subject… the Fundamentals of Herbalism program was less a “class” or educational thing than a process that changed me in other ways. It’s always made me feel good. During the program I was working approximately 65 hours a week and it was sometimes the only thing during those weeks that make me feel like I was doing something real and good! Thanks!”

“I think the dual locations are great – weeknight class is close to home and classes at the Cabin are like a little vacation out the city…everyone should be conscious of the knowledge ASHH gives. Thank you!” -Lyndsey Boggs

“All the different points of view gave a totally holistic exposure to the field of herbs. I was blessed with a beautiful life changing experience! It is a great example of a holistic school having such a varied teacher collective. This school gives a student the opportunity to walk into the world with an exposure to many beneficial pathways into a beautiful harmonious life. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,……” -Justin Bass

“(I left ASHH with) feelings of empowerment to help myself and others. The school is full of great teachers who are all capable of integrating past experiences into lessons…and it’s fun! Class left me feeling very inspired in all facets of my life.” -Toyia Hatten

“This program is perfect. It is complete, it covers everything, the school is serious, and really holistic.” – Monica Zailer

“The knowledge was very applicable to my life. I loved the cabin…very wonderful energy.” – Erin Buchen

“I love going to school. It’s the one thing in my life that feels right. It feeds my soul.”

“It has been a truly inspiring and life changing experience and has solidified what I want to be doing with my life. The teachers awakened in me a passion for learning I never thought I had.”
-Michael Faulkner

“Every time I leave class I’m glowing and smiling and smarter! I always want to share my knowledge with everyone. And I want to thank you all for sharing it with me.” – Erin McKinney

“We should all have been taught this in grade school.” -Clay Collins

“(I enjoyed) coming to a beautiful piece of property and communing with the herbs and lovely fellow students in the spirit of the Earth. Thank you endlessly for the knowledge.” -Eric Usher

“It opened up a whole new world to me – it made me feel at one with the universe.” -Katherine Guarino

“It enriched my life tremendously.”

“I have really enjoyed everything – wonderful teachers and wide range of knowledge, life–changing experience – I have gained so much knowledge and learned so much about myself and others. It has really put a focus and direction in my life and changed every aspect of it! ”

“The class was presented at a good price and taught by real down – to – earth people who care about what they are doing. I feel my soul is opening to who I truly am… ” – Alicia M. Butron

“The entire experience helped me grow as a person and broaden my perception. Before I came here I was unaware of the true power of Mother Nature. The knowledge that is available is so valuable that no one should be without it.” -Sam Strickland

“Everyone needs to know this stuff.” – Willow

“It has changed my life and the energy around me, opened many doors for me and expanded my mind and soul.”

“Ceara, thank you for the certificate from Herbology School. I am very proud of it. I enjoyed the classes and field trips tremendously – changed my life. I made a huge decision and have decided to become a nurse – a holistic nurse, at that, inspired as I was (am) by everything I learned at your school… I am now attending UNC in Wilmington in their pre-nursing program and my daughter is attending as anthropology major. We bicycle to school campus and I’m taking PE with 19 and 20 year olds….I am really into it! It is very exciting for me! …Thank you again for the inspiration – keep up the good work!” – Katherine Guarino

“I’ve discovered a whole new exciting world! I feel no matter who you are or where in life you are, this is an important class.” -Jill Bourdon

“I am healthier and happier than I have ever been. I feel very blessed to be here. Thank you.”