Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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Links: Other Friends

Center for Vital Living

ASHH conducts evening lectures and various workshops at The Center for Vital Living, West Asheville’s Apothecary, Complementary Care Clinic, and Healing Arts Center. The center is home to a variety of holistic health care practitioners. Students benefit from discounted treatment prices as well as exposure to exemplary professionals. Students receive discounts to all classes held at the center. The Center for Vital Living offers a truly unique opportunity to explore whatever modality of life enhancement peaks her/his interest. We are dedicated to exposing people to a plethora of options to enhance quality of life.

Herbal Medicine & Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way

Natural alternatives for women with health concerns such as menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, fertility issues, breast health and cancer prevention. Hundreds of woman-friendly links, a forum to share experiences and lots of information about Susun Weed (herbalist and author of women’s health books), workshops, intensives, apprenticeships, and correspondence courses.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op

We specialize in natural and organic products. Our products are found in natural products stores and specialty shops throughout the United States and Canada, as well as on our website. By offering easy access to high-quality, competitively priced choices that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, Frontier seeks to lead the way in bringing nature — and peace of mind — to our customers.


Our mission is to offer the FlorAlive uncut flower essences as a vital key to creating a profound energetic shift, facilitating entirely new and positive perspectives, and clearing the way to abundant opportunities for people everywhere.

Herb Lore

Specializing in all organic herbs for fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, lactation, PMS & menopause.

Learning Herb – Offering at home, hands-on herbal courses.

We believe it is so important in this day and age for families to be in control of their day-to-day healthcare. We want to spread knowledge that will help people stay healthy and empower them with skills to treat common illnesses naturally.

Life Spa

John Douillard’s Ayurveda Clinic offers an ayurvedic medicine, panchakarma, ayurvedic remedy, herbal and educational products for health, also offers classes in Ayurvedic massage, Panchakarma, and at the LifeSpa School of Ayurveda.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has become the Leading Organic Supplier in not only the finest organic botanical products, but the freshest as well. From our bulk organic herbs and spices, to our essential oils and herbal teas, the quality and integrity of what we offer is unparalleled with smiles guaranteed.

7 Springs Farm

Seven Springs Farm is a 125 acre organic farm in Floyd County, Virginia. Our philosophy is to be stewards of the land in the most ecological way possible. We use farming methods that build the fertility of the soil, such as organic fertilizers and biodynamically made compost. Pest management is achieved through cultural practices and biological and botanically-based materials.

Sacred Cravings

Ayurvedic handouts and recipes. Also info on purchasing Ayurvedic herbs and cleansing.