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Educational and Research Articles by ASHH Faculty


Our established and guest faculty continue to publish articles, books, and educational resources while they teach classes at ASHH and other herbal medicine schools. Check out some of the articles below.

If you are a student or teacher who would like to reprint an article for educational or commercial use, please contact the publication source directly for permission or for a back issue copy. Contact us if you have any questions.

Publications by ASHH Faculty:

Mystical Mead
Toyia Hatten, New Life Journal, Sept. 2006

Sustainable Herbalism
Ceara Foley, New Life Journal, Aug. 2006

Herbs of passion: explore hot and heavy heart-opening delights
Ceara Foley, New Life Journal, Feb. 2005

Herbal Antibiotic Alternatives
Ceara Foley, New Life Journal, Aug-Sept, 2004

Making Springtime Wild Herb Vinegars
Corinna Wood, New Life Journal, Apr-May, 2004

Breathe deeply: herbal support for smoking cessation: Ceara Foley explores a holistic approach to letting go of America’s favorite addiction.
Ceara Foley, New Life Journal, Feb-March, 2004

A Warm Cup of Tea
Kari Brayman, New Life Journal, Dec-Jan, 2003

Herbs: The Ancient Wise Woman Tradition
Corinna Wood, New Life Journal, Dec-Jan, 2003 Plantain:

First Aid in Your Backyard
Corinna Wood, New Life Journal, June-July, 2003

The Wise Woman Tradition of Herbal Medicine
by Corinna Wood,

The Fertility Awareness Method: Myths and Facts
by Corinna Wood,

Natural Birth Control: A Personal Story
by Corinna Wood,

Family Medicinal Gardens
by Mary Morgaine Thames “The lesson from both our agricultural and medical experience is remarkable for its consistency: Ignoring the evolutionary attributes of biological systems can only be done at the peril of ecological catastrophe.” – Marc Lappe When Antibiotics Fail One of my greatest hopes and visions for humanity’s future is that each family […]

Honoring our Elders
by Mary Morgaine Thames When I was first learning how to use herbs, I was told by different teachers that if there was one plant to make certain to ask its permission before harvesting, Elder was it. I was taught that it was the Grandmother plant of the fairy world, and if I took from […]

Mustard Mania
by Mary Morgaine Thames Greet the mighty Mustards, more formally known as the Brassicaceae, for within this family one species alone, Brassica oleraceae, can be kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or kohlrabi, depending on how it is cultivated! For example, a cabbage is a terminal bud that is bred to swell while kale is […]

Plantain Praises!
by Mary Morgaine Thames If something is growing in such abundance that we call it a weed, doesn’t it make sense that we investigate whether it is agreeable as an ally for us humans? I would think that a culture so technologically advanced would have at least mastered relationships with the basic plants in their […]

Plants as Allies
by Mary Morgaine Thames Welcome into to the greatly anticipated year of 2012! As we earthly beings undergo intense opportunities for change and transformation, let’s make it a priority to build our relationships with the plants in our yards, streets, gardens and woods who so humbly and quietly give of themselves eon after eon. We […]

Red Clover- Lady in waiting
by Mary Morgaine Thames One of the first to begin blooming in spring and the last to fade in fall, Trifolium pratense, or red clover, is a short-lived perennial and abundant herbal ally found in the legume family, Fabaceae. She has alternate leaves in three leaflets (hence the Latin name Trifolium), with a pale V […]

Saint John’s Wort, herb of the Summer Solstice
by Mary Morgaine Thames Saint John’s Wort is under the celestial sign Leo, and the dominion of the Sun.” -Culpeper’s Complete Herbal, mid-1600’s Walking along an old railroad bed in upstate New York, summer solstice 2001, I first met the sunny plant of St. John’s in full flower and growing in abundance. Even though I […]

Sunflower Power
by Mary Morgaine Thames Just follow the bees. They know where it’s at. In mid-summer, multiple species of bees can be found in abundance in the center of sunflowers, drawing from a seemingly endless supply of nectar. They drink, rest and even sleep there. When I see a bee doing its thing with a sunflower, […]

The Merry, Gold Calendula
by Mary Morgaine Thames Calendula officinalis, also known as pot marigold but not to be confused with ornamental marigold (Tagetes spp.), has a bright orange or golden flower that emits rays of happiness. In the language of flowers, calendula speaks joy. A member of the Asteraceae family, the flowers are the parts used for medicinal […]