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Maariah McAndrew, Massage & Energy Healing

December 2013

Maariah has been practicing Therapeutic Massage for over 25 years.   She provides a customized session for you that can range from refined energy work to deep tissue massage.  Depending on your request, she often incorporates a deeply relaxing approaches with:

  • Positional Release
  • Polarity
  • Acupressure
  • and other modalities

She finishes sessions with CranioSacral technique & overall energy balancing.   Lymphatic Drainage is also available if needed.  Intuitively, she works with your body & the messages she receives through listening hands will bring you to a new state of well-being.

If you are ready to make positive shifts in your life, Maariah can work with your subconscious efficiently & effectively to release sabotaging, unconscious patterns that cause repeated unwanted experiences & reactions to life.  The Emotion Code & the Body Code together are powerful tools that allow us to work with & move beyond the story to the point in time that emotions were trapped, or to ancestral patterns that you inherited to bring them to the surface for releasing.  The results are both subtle & profound when experiences that once were very difficult lose their charge and life begins to flow with more ease & grace.

Another service available is GeoBiology, which identifies & clears geopathic stress within & under your home or business. The effects of this unseen energy can be creating weakened immunity, illness, disharmonious relationships & more.  Neutralization  & cleansing of the negative effects of these geopathic forces caused by electrosmog, underground water, & human interactions & more will bring back a new harmony & balance in the place you & others spend so much of your time.  As a bonus, Mother Earth will also be happier!

To schedule your session with Maariah call 828-683-4221.