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Alexandra Tait, CHt

September 2012

Alexandra Tait, CHt, has dedicated her life to transformation, cultivating a powerful tool box of effective modalities to heal the whole person and create maximum wellness. She has worked in holistic and complimentary therapies for 20 years to create a safe, skilled and compassionate container for her clients healing.

Her credentials include:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist with the American Institute of Hypnotherapy
  • Woolger Method of Hypnosis – with over 18 years experience
  • National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy – former N.Y. Chapter President
  • Regression Therapy specialty-The emphasis is to get to the ROOT of the issue to heal at a deep level. Full vibrancy may be realized when old road blocks are cleared. Childhood and Adult Trauma, Addictions, Disassociation, Women’s Issues, Psychic Invasion, Clearing Cords, Soul Retrieval and exploring Past Lives.
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy – empowering process to responsibly clear energy fields, heal the vulnerability that created the situation and cultivate the Light within. Emotional Release through Breathwork – “Holotropic” style using intention, music, touch and safety to facilitate emotional release, clarity and aliveness at a cellular level.
  • Ordained Interfaith Minister / Women’s Empowerment Guide – Spiritual Counselor, legal officiant of Weddings. Rights of Passage, Archery, Woods Skills.
  • Alexandra Tait lectures and offers workshops both in Asheville and abroad. Some examples are: “The Reality of Reincarnation through Past Life Regression”, “Psychic Self Defence and Space Clearing”, “Working with the Faerie the reality behind the fantasy”, and Women’s Empowerment topics.
  • An explorer of Earth Mysteries, Alexandra Tait has been a tour guide to the sacred places of Britain and Egypt where she has extensively traveled and lived. American of Welsh heritage through her Motherline, her ancestors came from Treffynnon – “Holy Well.” A famous healing spring. The Welsh have an ancient tradition of knowing we are all an integrated part of nature and that nature has consciousness. An awareness the Welsh call “the Faerie”. Wales has a strong cultural tradition of working with and celebrating the faerie through myths, legends and song. A beautiful tradition she loves to share. She offers her services in the Celtic tradition of Anamcara, or soul guidance work using her exensive training and experience.

To schedule a private session and more information, please visit Alexandra’s website. Email: