Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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Fundamentals of Herbalism

Roots (Introductory Training):

Fundamentals of Herbalism

Two options to fit your schedule!

OPTION #1: Spring Fundamentals

Course Length: 70 hours, 13 weeks.

We will not be offering the Fundamentals class options 1 and 2 in 2016. The next round of classes will be in April (13 week), July (10 day) and August (13 week) of 2017. Please consider the following courses for 2016: Forest Skills: Discovering our Living Mountains, Subtle Herbalism: Spiritual Properties of Plants and the Flower Essences Certification course. Forest Skills and Subtle Herbalism will fulfill the pre-requisite for our advanced course, the Traditional Herbalist Certification.

Dates: April and August 2017. Wednesdays, 6-9 pm, at ASHH and every other Saturday, 10am-3pm, at various outdoor locations including Soulflower Botanical Sanctuary.
View the Fundamentals Spring 2015 Schedule

OPTION #2: Fall Infusion

Course Length: 70 hours, 10 days.
Dates: July 2017. Every day 10am-5pm – same curriculum as the 13 week course, just condensed into 10 days (great for those coming from out of town)!
View the Fundamentals Infusion 2015 Schedule

Outstanding instructors for this class include: Ceara Foley, Sandi Ford, Melissa Fryar, Daisy Marquis, Robin Allison, Luke Cannon, Joel Windfox Boyle, and Corinna Wood. (Not all instructors may be present each session.)

With amazing guest teachers such as Mary Bove, ND and 7song!

Learn life skills that can help you personally, professionally or with your family. We explore modern applications of a timeless tradition of working with the plant kingdom, tactile learning from Nature, and hands-on medicine making classes in our herb laboratory.

This is our most popular certification course and spots fill up quickly.

Topics covered include:

  • Ayurveda and doshic considerations
  • Wildcrafting and plant identification
  • Medicine Making (Salves, Tinctures, oils, etc.)
  • Herbs for men, women, children, & childbearing
  • Herbal support for the systems of the body
  • Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy
  • The Herbal Home Medicine Chest
  • Mushrooms and Wild Foods
  • Flower Essences

Appropriate For:

  • Beginning herbalists
  • Anyone with some self-study wanting to fill in gaps in their education
  • Those who have read books on herbalism but want more hands-on experience
  • Anyone wanting the empowerment to help heal their selves and their loved ones
  • Gardeners or nature lovers wanting a deeper connection with and understanding of plants

Prerequisites/Requirements: commitment to upholding sacred space in class; including but not limited to: arriving on time, talking in turn, respecting instructors and classmates, maintaining excellent attendance

NOTE: This course serves as a prerequisite to the Traditional Program. A certificate of completion is given at the end of class.

NOTE: We highly recommend students purchase “The New Holistic Herbal” by David Hoffman and “Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide” for this class. We have a limited number of these books for sale here at the school.

Cost: $650, Payment Plans Available: FUNDAMENTALS PAYMENT PLAN FALL 2014

“This class was very informative, helping you develop a better understanding of native plants and their uses. Everyone should take this class… even if they don’t intend to go into a career as a healer.” -Jeremy Reichmann, Summer Fundamentals class of 2008

A brief application needs to be completed for class entry. Apply Now.

Register for our 13-week Spring 2015 Fundamentals Course:
Your nonrefundable $50 deposit holds your place in the class and is applied to tuition.