Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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Subtle Herbalism: Spiritual Properties of Plants

PastedGraphic-2Dates: January 19- June 14, 2016
Every Tuesday, 9:30-3:30

Course Length: 6 Months, 126 hrs

Instructor: Daisy Marquis

Subtle Herbalism is a thorough, hands-on exploration of the deep power of plants to bring mental and emotional balance, to awaken the inherent wisdom of our organs and our souls, and to reveal to us our very purpose in incarnating.

Everything we eat, smell, and touch affects our consciousness. We become that which we ingest as well as that with which we keep company and with which we identify.

Learn to modulate your consciousness through healthy food choices and intimate relationship with special plants that imbue us at a cellular level with genuine wisdom.

We will enjoy time making medicines of every kind, developing understanding of the balance of the elements and the organs, journeying with plant spirits and elementals, and learning to listen to and trust the voice of the plants that has always been there whispering to you, quietly calling you to your own heart…

Syllabus 2016
Jan 19: Introductions, Energy anatomy, Tea blending
Jan 26: Vitalism vs. Reductionism, Overview of medicine making, Alcohol extract practicum
Feb 2: Self care, Dinacharya, Infused oil for Abhyanga practicum
Feb 9: Ayurveda- Doshas, Kidneys, Kitchadee cooking
Feb 16: Ayurveda- Doshas cont., Gunas
Feb 23: Ayurveda- The Vital Essences, Rasayana herbs and practices
Mar 1: Intro to Flower Essences and Energy Anatomy
Mar 8: Aromatherapy for Dosha support
Mar 15: Pine- Ancestral Healing- Bradley Falls
Mar 22: Flower Essence making- Norman Wilder
***March 29 SPRING BREAK No class***
Apr 5: Liver- Green drinks and cleansing (in classroom)
Apr 12: Spring root digging- Barnardsville
Apr 19: Making fresh plant tinctures in the field- Barnardsville
Apr 26: Making syrups
May 3: Flowers of Beltane- Hominy Valley
May 10: Nervines- Shining Rock wilderness area
May 17: Student presentations begin- Mount Pisgah journey with council of Elders
May 24: Presentations cont., Spleen Stomach Pancreas- location TBD
May 31: Presentations cont., Max Patch
June 7: Presentations cont., Black Cohosh- Shope’s Creek
June 14: Graduation, Black Balsam area

What You Will Learn: Course will include an introduction to flower essences, extensive human energy anatomy, simple and subtle medicine making, education related to organ systems and herbal energetics, and lots and lots of nature time. (We will spend a minimum of half our time together in sacred nature sites.)

We will go on to complete the organ system study, delve into Ayurveda and aromatherapy, MORE simple and subtle medicine making, and conclude with special student projects. Homework will be light- most all the learning done here is experiential.

Appropriate for: Beginning herbalists will easily assimilate the vast amounts of wisdom imparted in this class. Experienced herbalists will take their knowledge to a higher level of understanding and open doors to a new profound awareness of plant medicine to heighten the potency of their herbal practice.

Prerequisites/Requirements: commitment to upholding sacred space in class; including but not limited to: arriving on time, talking in turn, respecting instructors and classmates, maintaining excellent attendance

Tuition Cost: $1300  *Payment Plans Available*
Your nonrefundable $50 deposit holds your place in the class and is applied to tuition.

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