Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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Energetic and Esoteric Herbalism

Dates: February – August 2015
exact dates TBA!

PastedGraphic-3Course Length: 7 Months

Instructor: Daisy Marquis

Read more about Daisy Marquis here.

Energetic and Esoteric herbalism is a thorough, hands-on exploration of the subtle power of plants to bring mental and emotional balance, to awaken the inherent wisdom of our organs and our souls, and to reveal to us our very purpose in incarnating.

Everything we eat, everything we smell, everything we touch affects our consciousness. We become that which we ingest as well as that with which we keep company and with which we identify.

Learn to modulate your consciousness through right food choices and through intimate relationship with special plants that imbue us at a cellular level with genuine wisdom.

In this class we will spend time making medicines of every kind, developing understanding of the balance of the elements and the organs, journeying with plant spirits and elementals, and learning to listen to and trust the voice of the plants that has always been there whispering to you, quietly calling you to your own heart…

What You Will Learn:

The course will include an introduction to flower essences, extensive human energy anatomy, simple and subtle medicine making, education related to organ systems and herbal energetics, and lots and lots of nature time. (We will spend a minimum of half our time together in sacred nature sites.)

We will go on to complete the organ system study, delve into Ayurveda and aromatherapy, MORE simple and subtle medicine making, and conclude with special student projects in the Fall. Homework will be light- most all the learning done here is experiential.

Tuition Cost: $1300

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