Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism

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Short Workshops

The 6 Steps of Healing

Wise Woman Healing with Elise Damilatis Sunday May 24, 12-2:30 pm   Come learn a truly holistic, integrative and empowered approach to wellness – the Wise Woman Way! Learn the 6 Steps of Healing as outlined by beloved Wise Woman herbalist, Susun Weed in her herbal classic Healing Wise. For more information on Elise, visit […] Full Details

Gate of Life: Taoist Tonic Herbalism

Taoist Tonic Herbalism: June 1st and 2nd, 2015 6:00-8:00 pm Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the oldest herbal tradition in human history, the Gate of Life! This class will cover Taoist health philosophy and Tonic herbal alchemy, and offer insights into this incredibly sophisticated healing tradition. We will see, hold and taste the […] Full Details

Herbs for Pregnancy

Sunday July 12, 10-1:00 Learn how to use herbs safely and effectively throughout pregnancy! Discuss many preparations and applications of common herbal allies. Explore natural remedies for ailments such as morning sickness, varicosities, emotional upset, insomnia, heartburn and more! Connect to the knowledge of our ancestors and gain confidence by knowing which herbs to avoid […] Full Details

Plant Walks and Botany Talks

Last Sunday of the Month, May-September 1-3 pm May 31 ***June 28 (from 2:00-4:00)*** July 26 August 30 September 27 Curious how to use common, abundant medicinal plants? Ever wonder what’s growing right in your own backyard? Join herbalist Abby Artemisia in a two hour plant walk the last Sunday of each month where you […] Full Details

Herbal Actions & Energetics

with Elise Damilatis  July 11, 12-4:30 With so many herbs listed as ‘nervine,’ ‘digestive tonic,’ or ‘anti-inflammatory’ how do you choose which one to use? Learn the foundational herbal actions and energetic qualities that will enable you to read between the lines and understand the deeper nuances of how each herb really works! Gain a […] Full Details

Materia Medica & Medicine Making

with Elise Damilatis   July 18th, 12-4:30 Empower yourself to be an herbalist! Get to know the common herbal super heroes and heroines and how to incorporate them in your daily life. Apply information from the Herbal Actions and Energetics class to specific herbs and conditions, and discuss herbal constituents. Learn which herbs are highest in […] Full Details